Glass for building

Vetreria Re, operating in the production, installation and sale of artistic glass, structural glass and safety glass since 1989, specialises in the manufacture, supply and assembly of glass for building.
Glass for building or structural glass is appropriate for creating architectural works of different scales in residential, industrial and commercial building.
Vetreria Re, operating for over 20 years in the field of processing glass and in structural creations for building, is now one of the industry’s leading companies, available to perform the most complex production processes, including made-to-measure solutions, for public or private customers.

The use of glass for building is regulated by strict rules which, on one side, aim at regulating the safety of structural glass applications in building and, on the other, are intended to increase awareness of eco-friendly behaviour.
Strictly regulated by law and guaranteed by appropriate safety checks, the use of structural glass for building allows for optimal levels of thermal and acoustic insulation to be achieved moving in the direction of sustainable building and increasing safety and security. 


Vetreria RE operates internationally with various projects carried out in the field of luxury retail, residential, commercial, design.

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